Did you hear that COVID19 does not exist and it’s a piece of fake news to make us more obedient to the powerful of this world? Conspiracies.

Have you heard stories about Bill Gates wanting to vaccinate us all and at the same time chip us, to have control over us? Have you heard that MMR vaccine causing autism? I just love when people say – Have your own mind, your own opinion, search the truth and don’t believe governments and the system.

Independent thinking as a statement without any scaffolding.

Many people will tell you that you have to think independently. That most of us are lead by secret organisations hiding the truth from us. Quite often this independent thinking is a slogan without any thought behind it. We live in an era of two ways of thinking of people. Which saddens me greatly.

Did you ever notice that social media are filled with fake news, we are unable to get away from and some people are taking it into their hearts without even questioning or researching for true? We all are sharing posts of fake news, with access to the whole world on our device. We switched off our free-thinking. Anyone can check absolutely anything in our search engines. We have unlimited access to information, knowledge, history, amazing data. Yet, we take and share fake news without checking it whatsoever.

COVID and other conspiracies

Are we getting less inteligent?

I have seen so many people trying to deny knowledge, education, years of research just to throw all it away saying that “the world” is conspiring and making fool of us sand we need to look for enlightenment.

Vaccines cause autism, Earth is flat, Covid19 isn’t real, Bill Gates is behind it all and wants to chip us and control us, 5G causing our brain to fry and so on…

What’s a conspiracy theory? It’s an unfounded, deeply held alternative explanation for how things are—often invoking some shadowy, malevolent force masterminding the coverup.

Sometimes I find myself asking people why they are so easy to share fake news and believe in them with all of their hearts? Quite often they are unable to answer, or just don’t want to answer – saying to me – “You need to think independently, look around you, don’t follow like a sheep, open your eyes. “

Internet allows us to spread fake news.

This, for them, is an end to our conversation, somehow always I expect more. I’m not a sheep, I just simply have a backup in science.

Paradox of knowledge.

Do you really think those whole countries, big companies, tv news, every journalist is paid by someone to keep a lid on it?
Those theories can be kept hidden in the XXI century, or we grow keener on fake news because we live lives too comfortable? We are bored, everything can be found on Facebook, why even bother to check it? Right? I see how people getting sunk to fake news. More and more, no argument would change their mind, no science article, no research. Yet, they believe only in their own mind. Without science – how did we get in here?

People are rejecting guidances of wearing masks, saying that governments are taking our freedom, making us slaves to rules of nasty and rich people, shouting out and protesting – yet the same people believe in traffic regulations? Would you drive through the streets of your town 80 mph wondering if someone would stop you and politely remind of the speed limits? Is this not the same, is that not that kind of oppression?

Please, before you make any bigger fool out of yourself, get some grip, read few books, believe in science and stop sharing fake news. Also, stop believing in them.

What are your thoughts?