If the mother nature and outdoors is healing us, why did we trap ourselves in life away from it? How did we learn to throw ourselves into every day with only two options? To become rich and do good for yourself, or be stuck forever in the concrete jungle. Hoping for life without suffering.

We are trapped within’

Wilderness use to be so close.

Recently I watched a few classic road trip/wilderness movies. I guess that lockdown is taking its toll on all of us. Covid19 turned our world kind of upside down. With us frightened about the future, our children’s schooling, work furlough and all challenges lying ahead of us and hope for new normal, if there will be any.

I have watched an amazing “Into the Wild” and also a movie called Wild. A story of a woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon, sets out to walk the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA. This story is a tale of self-discovery and healing. It also reveals the benefits of being surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the PCT.
I guess my hikes around the Scottish Highlands have the same healing impact on my mental health – nature – my best antidepressant.

Do you like hiking and the nature?

Why do I feel trapped in today's world? How did we end up like that?

This system is not working.

I don’t watch telly, I don’t have any tv channels and I do not listen to the radio. I’m avoiding it, but god I love books and audiobooks. I’m going through a book titled – Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas – where the author talks about the hypocrisy of billionaires and super-rich people who are telling us that they know how to help the world which is one big bloody lie. While listening to this book, one evening I dictated myself a voice memo which came to my mind while reading it:

There it goes:

We are living in a strange society. Everything comes down to money, everything is divided, land, power, everything. Let say that you would like to live off-grid if you decided one day – You know what, this is not for me, I want to live a simpler life. somewhere in the wilderness, out of the land.
You can’t do that. It’s impossible.

You need to be rich. You would need to buy land from someone, pay for the wood and construction of a cabin if you don’t have the required skills yourself, not to mention permissions and legal stuff. That’s why I’m trapped in here.

We have been giving ourselves benefits, housing, minimum wage, social security which is great but is this not making us relatively addicted to this way of living? Addicted to the system, stopping us from trying to go above it. If I would like to leave society, live off the land, I can’t do that. I don’t have means to do this, I would have to be bloody rich to make it happen. We got to the point that being truly free is a luxury.

How could we change the world, as this one is not working as it supposed to? We are no longer free. Who knows what changes do we have to make? For whom it needs to be better? Politicians, rich, poor or all people. Who will decide it?
Environmentally, for sure, we need to make those changes otherwise we all are going to die alongside with our planet.


The gap between rich and poor is wider than before, I don’t have a problem with people being rich, as long they are not making other people suffer.
Some time ago I wrote a post about changes, from the perspective of a father, professional, autism parent which I believe are important.
I lived for many years in poverty, I see poverty every day, I wonder what rich and wealthy did to help people in poverty? Amazon with their bad practices, forcing people to work over their limits. Taking over small businesses just because they can, making people even deeper sucked into poverty issues and adding stress. Is that how we want to live. Facebook selling data without any consequences, unethically and in silence for the highest bidder?

I want to leave this rat race.

So, if for example, I would like to leave today’s ways of living and start minimalistic, off-grid life elsewhere. I would have to be loaded with money. Is this not crazy and really upside down? We are locking indoors whole families, sheltering them, giving them enough benefits not to die of starvation but not enough to leave meaningful lives and being closer to nature.
Children living in the cities are unable to save for a bus fare to the nearest beach or nature reserve. Parents are unable to take their kids down to the park cos they feel like underclass of a human. Judged and not understood, having nothing else than fear of being out and about. Anxious outside of their comfort zones.

We can’t leave, we fall into the cogs of this system unable to get out, improve our living, changing directions without a fight. Earning enough to survive, not enough to thrive, being able to vote, but unable to change anything around us. This is a truly sad story for many families living in modern society. Like a person who really suffers from long term starvation, you are just strong enough to eat, but not strong enough to fight.

Sad story of many families. To be closer to the nature, city family needs to get rich to afford it. Paradox