Today I would like to introduce you to Suddenly Minimalist which I found on Instagram. I share their dream of living with less.

I was very taken by their story and I approached Deziree Payne and asked for a guest blog post in here. They agreed. Please check out this amazing transformation and reach out to them on Instagram too.

Less stuff, More Life – Why we live in an RV with our kids.

We have all heard the saying, “Less is more.” Yet for some reason, our lives have mostly been lived in a more is more way. The “American Dream” has changed and grown over the years. Before, the dream was, a steady, well-paying job, a reliable car, an affordable home with a yard for your kids. A partner to share it with, and family dinner around the kitchen table.

Today, “the dream” is the highest paying job, no matter the time and mental sacrifice, so you can buy the nicest car, the biggest house, the newest tech, and all the clothes and toys and “things” we could ever want.

This new dream means less time for our families and certainly no time for dinner together at the table. The bigger house requires what little time we have left to be spent cleaning and maintaining. And before we know it, our kids have grown, the time is gone, we have a house stuffed to the brim with “things”, probably more debt than we can handle, and we missed the most important parts of life.

Suddenly Minimalist

What’s worse, is the example that we set for our kids.

A little over a year ago, I became overwhelmed by our stuff, our debt, and my lack of time for my kids. In Joshua Becker’s book, “The Less of More” he tells a story about how his son asked him to play in the yard, but he was too busy organizing the garage to play.

His heart broke to see his son playing alone while he was busy with work that needed to be done because of all the “stuff” they had collected in the garage. This story resonated deeply with me. How many times was I too busy cleaning a house that was bigger than what we needed to stop and play with my kids? How many times was I too busy organizing closets and cabinets to take my kids out for a walk?

Suddenly Minimalists

I was missing out on what was important because of our “stuff”.

As a military family, with a single income and frequent moving, the cost and toll of our things on our life was becoming too much. And the realization that the life we were living was distracting me from my children was my final straw. It was time to take a “less is more” approach to life.

We cleaned out our current house and purchased a fifth wheel to live in.
By minimizing our things and our space, there is much less time spent cleaning and organizing. We now have more room in our budget and more time in our schedule for exploring, for adventures, for dinner as a family, and for living our life to the fullest.

Our children are learning that the size of our house doesn’t matter and that things aren’t the most important part of life, it’s the memories we make as a family.

They have grown more adventurous, more curious, more active, and more full of life than ever. My children, alone, are examples of the MORE there can be in living with less.

suddenly minimalist

I’m not saying that everyone needs to live in an RV to get more out of life. That is just what I believe MY family needed.

We needed a drastic change to the way we were living. However, I do urge you to consider how much your family could benefit by living with less. Fewer stuff means, more time, more money, and more room for what can truly make you happy. What adventures are you missing out on? What example are you setting for your children?

There is more life waiting for you and your family out there, but your stuff might be in the way. It was for us and now we are happier than ever!

What’s your story? What’s your opinion about this way of living? Because I really love the idea, I am also aware that Scotland is less warm than some States in the US, but it’s doable.

My dream? Small piece of land, tiny house on wheels, few animals as friends and plenty of self-efficiency.
What about you?

Check out their instagram account here