Do you remember this scene from The Titanic where the rich – Caledon Hockley, is cheating his way onto a lifeboat with a deserted child? This is exactly the same attitude from those individuals.

I don’t have intentions to trash those individuals, I don’t know them personally. I used to work for Tim Martin’s Wetherspoon roughly 15 years ago with mixed feelings about how they treat their staff. We were all cogs in this huge machine. Both of them – Successful businessmen – good for them, but our reality is showing us, that our world is rotten.

We are all in this, we all might lose someone we love, get in debt. We are worried about income, food, being stuck in our own homes, it’s very damaging to our mental health and yet instead of seeing collective effort to survive those difficult times, we have seen actions which can only be damned.

How come, when the whole world is fighting, multimillionaires as Christiano Ronaldo are spending his fortune to support others less fortunate, trying to use their huge income for good use in a fighting pandemic, others coming out with lack of empathy, showing us that they think less of others and people self-worth is nothing if you don’t have money?

Stories about starting from nothing, working hard, building their huge empire as Virgin Media or Wetherspoon today showing us that along the way, they lost their souls to the almighty dollar, forgot where they came from and what’s important in life.

“Mr Martin told more than 40,000 Wetherspoons staff that they would not be paid from Friday until the government made clear how it intended to cover staff costs through a new job support scheme.”

  • Dear Tim, do you really think that you can make demands and threat people like this, shifting blame and all responsibility onto the government. Refusing to pay your suppliers, busting other smaller businesses, just because you can? How many loopholes and how many tax-avoiding tactics you have got away with within the last 20 years?

Another brilliant example of ruthless practices – Frasers Group, Sports Direct’s parent company, had written to all workers within 30 minutes of the prime minister, Boris Johnson, announcing his decision to shut down non-essential retailers, telling them its business selling sporting and fitness equipment made it a vital asset during a national shutdown.

Sir Richard Branson – The billionaire lives with his family on the luxurious Necker Island in the Caribbean asked people who work for him in various companies lined to Virgin to take unpaid 8 weeks leave. How dare you all, you should be ashamed of yourself. I will not mention Amazon CEO as I wrote about it here.

Is business really more important than peoples lives, mental and financial stability? Lads, I think you got it all wrong.
Still, feeding your greed, acting as rich Caledon Hockley from Titanic who survived only by a means of cheating his way onto a lifeboat with a deserted child. Remember? Shameful and totally despised.

On the other hand, we have Chelsea owner, oligarch and billionaire Roman Abramovich announced that he would pay for NHS staff to stay at the Stamford Bridge Hotel rather than make a long commute home. LVMH supremo Bernard Arnault has converted three perfume factories to manufacture hand sanitizer instead. It will be distributed for free to French authorities and Europe’s largest hospital system.

Tim Martin, Sir Branson and Mr Ashley – get a grip.

In times of crisis, you’re not only not helpful but you are a source of frustration, anxiety, fear. The virus is hard enough to contain, your actions say more than 1000 words and you all failed as human beings. What you gonna do with all your billions when we will run out of the water, fresh air. When people will go back to ways of barter exchange which make more sense as your money cannot buy humanity and kindness.

We are losing more than 700 people each day due to coronavirus, someone’s brother, mum, grandfather, someones loved one, yet your arrogance and lack of basic human values make me think that you’re already dead, living so far away from every day human problems, worries, challenges. Those are people with families. How they can look into family members eyes with no shame.
I know that at the end they apologised, this is just a PR, to behave as they did, you need to be out of your humanity. I really hope that this pandemic will teach us all, to be kind and to appreciate the solidarity over being selfish millionaires with no soul.