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Plushbeds Mattress Review – Updated for 2023

Are you tired of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress? Do you wake up sore every morning? Then you need a new mattress! But finding the perfect mattress has become increasingly difficult as mattresses get bigger and bigger. Read this Plushbeds mattress review for help finding the best mattress for you.

Finding the perfect mattress is harder than ever before. It used to be that you’d go to a store, try out a few models, and buy the most comfortable one. Nowadays, you’ve got to try dozens of mattresses before settling on one. And even after you find the perfect model, you may not be able to afford it.

But don’t worry! In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Plushbed mattresses. I’ll explain why these mattresses are great, how to choose between them, and where to buy them.

Plushbeds Mattress Review

Plushbeds Mattress Review

Plushbeds is a leading manufacturer of premium bedding products. Founded in 2001, the company designs manufactures, markets, distributes and sells its products under the brands Plushbeds, Sealy, Serta, Simmons Beautyrest, Spring Air Bedding, Sleep Number, Trademark Mattress Company, and Leesa.

They use a patented process called “The Stretch Wrapped Construction,” which gives you the support and comfort of memory foam without sacrificing breathability. Their mattresses are designed to provide coolness throughout the night.

The company operates over 400 retail stores across North America and online at

PlushBeds Mattress Highlights

PlushBeds offers a wide variety of different mattress models, including latex, memory foam, hybrid, pillowtop, and adjustable bases. But what makes them stand out is their unique ability to provide comfort without sacrificing the environment. All of their mattresses use sustainable materials, and many of them come with eco-certified options. Their products are designed to help people sleep better while reducing waste and saving energy.

PlushBeds’ Botanical Bliss latex mattress was designed specifically to provide the best possible sleeping experience while minimizing motion transfer. To do this, it uses a combination of high-density polyfoam and open-celled latex. This allows for maximum sinkage and edge support while providing good overall stability.

The Botanical Bliss also features a unique “edge control” design that prevents overstretching along the edges of the mattress. This helps prevent premature wear and tear on the mattress cover. In addition, the botanical blend of latex and polyfoam creates a soft surface that feels great against the skin.

List of Plushbeds mattresses

The Botanical Bliss

The Botanical Bliss model is a mattress designed to provide pressure relief while you sleep. Each layer offers varying degrees of firmness, allowing you to find the perfect sleeping position. You can choose from one of three options: medium soft, medium firm, and medium hard. These options allow you to switch up the firmness of the mattress based on how much pressure you want to relieve. If you prefer a softer bed, go with the medium soft option; if you like a firmer bed, go with the harder option. This allows you to find the most comfortable position for your body type.

The price of this luxury mattress starts at $1,200. This high-end mattress is made of GOLs certified organic latex for cradling pressure relief. It features GOTS-certified organic wool for added support and breathability, and organic cotton covers offer airflow and moisture absorption. PlushBeds says it’s antimicrobial, mold-resistant, and designed to sleep cooler with no heat-trapping foams.

The Natural Bliss

This mattress is designed to give you a better night’s sleep. The Natural Bliss uses natural latex foam that provides pressure relief while being breathable. It offers a cool sleeping surface because it contains no harmful chemicals like fire retardants. It is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. This mattress is also completely free of synthetic materials including flame-retardant foams, PVC, phthalate plasticizers, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, BPA, and formaldehyde glues.

The Luxury Bliss

This is a premium hybrid latex bedding system designed to provide you with a comfortable night’s rest. Available exclusively online, this is a luxury mattress featuring a Luxury Bliss fabric encased coil core that responds individually to pressure throughout your entire body. This unique construction provides superior support, minimizes motion transfer, and allows you to enjoy a comfortably buoyant sleep experience.


Latex Mattress Feel and Firmness

The Botanical Bliss mattress from PlushBeds comes in two different firmnesses: medium and medium-firm. The former is what most people pick, while the latter is ideal for those who prefer firmer mattresses. Both models come with a layer of high-density memory foam, followed by a layer of soft latex foam, and finally another layer of memory foam. Each of these foams is designed to provide comfort and support, and each is crafted to feel like natural latex.

In addition to the base layer, there are three additional layers of latex foam that you can move around within the mattress to adjust the firmness level. There are four total layers of latex foam. The first two layers are placed under the body, and the second two are placed over it. This allows you to change the firmness level by moving the layers around.

You can also choose to add a fourth layer of latex foam on top of the third layer, which will make the mattress even firmer. If you want to go even further, you can arrange the layers however you’d like. For example, you could put the first two layers underneath the body, and place the third and fourth layers on top. Or, you could do the opposite. Either way, the end result should be the same.

What Does PlushBeds Feel Like?

Memory foam mattresses are great for most sleepers, but sometimes they just don’t feel quite right. And while there are plenty of soft options out there, some people want something firmer and more supportive. Enter latex foam. This type of mattress is basically one giant layer of rubber. It’s super bouncy, incredibly supportive, and surprisingly comfortable. But what does it feel like when you lay on it? We took a closer look.

The first thing we noticed about Botanical Bliss is how bouncy it felt. If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Memory foam is known for being really firm, but Botanical Bliss definitely feels softer than our usual picks. You might even mistake it for a pillowtop mattress.

We tried sleeping on the bed without anything underneath us, and it did make the bed feel slightly less firm. However, we didn’t notice much difference in support. In fact, we found Botanical Bliss to be even better supported than our typical pick.

There are several reasons why this happens. First, latex foam is denser than memory foam, meaning it takes up more space. Second, it has a tighter weave, making it harder for air to travel through the material. Third, it’s heavier, which makes it easier to keep things steady.

So far, we love the way Botanical Bliss feels. It’s soft and cozy but still provides good support. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Construction of the Botanical Bliss Mattress

The Botanical Bliss Mattress features three or four layers of organic Dunlop Latex foam from Arpico, a natural rubber derived from Hevea trees grown in South America. This material is antimicrobial, making it resistant to mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and other household allergens.

The organic latex foam is GOLS certified, which stands for Global Organization of LATEX Standards. It ensures the foam is high quality, safe for humans, and free of harmful chemicals.

Comfort Layers

The Dunlop Comfort System consists of multiple layers of polyurethane foam. There are three different types of foam used in the system – one for each firmness level. The top layer is softer and provides more cushioning, while the bottom layer provides support. The middle layer is firm enough to provide good arch support, but it doesn’t feel too hard like rigid foams do.

Support Layers

The support layers vary between the different firmness levels and heights. The 9-inch and 12-inch medium settings feature three layers of 24-26 Ild Dunlop latex, while the 10-inch medium setting features two layers of 24-26 and 29-31 ILD. The 9-inch medium-firmer and 12-inch medium-firmer settings both feature four layers of 29-31 and 34-36 ILD.


PlushBeds pricing

The prices for the PlushBed Botanical Bliss mattress vary based on the size you order and the thickness of the mattress. Here is a look at how much each size costs:

Size Price (MSRP)

  • Twin / Twin XL $1,999
  • Full $2,399
  • Queen $2,599
  • Split Queen $2,799
  • King / Cal king $2,899
  • Split King /Cal King $3,299


How long does a Plush Beds Botanical Bliss mattress Last?

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress lasts up to 20 years, based on normal use. If you are looking for a longer life span, we recommend purchasing our Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

What happens during the first 10 years of the warranty?

During the first 10 years of ownership, PlushBeds covers most major issues including sagging, warping, and fabric deterioration. In addition, we provide free shipping within the continental United States.

What happens during subsequent years?

After the initial 10-year period, PlashBeds provides a 15-year warranty covering repairs and/or replacement of the mattress.

Where is the Botanical Bliss mattress made?

We make our mattresses in America. Our products are handcrafted in small batches right here in North Carolina. This means we can control quality and ensure each product meets our exacting standards for comfort and durability.

Our mattresses are designed to provide maximum support and comfort while minimizing motion transfer. We do this by utilizing a combination of foam layers and pocket springs. Pocket Springs are used throughout the mattress to distribute weight evenly across the surface area. Foam Layers are strategically placed between the pocket spring units to create an even distribution of pressure.

The result is a mattress that provides superior support and comfort without compromising on style.

Is the Botanical Bliss a good mattress for couples?

The Botanical Bliss is an innovative mattress designed specifically for couples. It features a unique design that allows each person to sleep separately while maintaining the same level of comfort. This means that both partners can enjoy uninterrupted rest without waking each other up.

It also provides a great deal of support and stability, ensuring that your partner will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face another day.

How Will My PlushBeds Mattress Arrive?

Our team of experts carefully inspects each mattress before shipping it out to ensure that it meets our standards. Then we package it up and ship it directly to your door.

Because we care about our customer’s experience, we’ll even send you an email when it arrives to let you know how easy it was to set up.

What About Off-Gassing or Odors?

The Botanical Bliss is a brand-new bed-in-a-box mattress that promises to deliver a restful night’s sleep without the usual off-gassing and chemical odors associated with most conventional mattresses.

While some companies are still trying to figure out how to make beds in boxes work, the folks over at Botanical Bliss have already done the hard part – creating a truly toxin-free, odorless, and eco-friendly mattress that won’t cause you to want to wash your sheets every morning.

Do Plushbeds fit RV’s?

Plushbeds offers mattresses for use in recreation vehicles (RVs). They come in three sizes: twin XL, full/queen, and king. Each size is available in both firm and plush versions. Mattress prices start at $299 for a twin XL soft version.

Unlike most RV mattress brands, Plushbeds doesn’t just sell one type of mattress. Instead, it offers four different types of RVs mattresses:

1. Twin XL Soft – This option includes a queen-sized memory foam mattress with a cover. It provides support, comfort, and pressure relief.

2. Full/Queen Firm – This option includes a king-sized memory foam mattress with no additional features.

3. King Firm – This option includes an extra-long king-sized memory foam mattress. You’ll find it under the “plush bed” section of the site.

4. Queen Plush – This option includes a plush queen-sized memory foam mattress.

Is There A Sleep Trial?

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress offers a 100-night trial. This trial gives you the opportunity to try out the mattress without committing to buying it. You can return the mattress within 100 nights of purchase for a full refund. If you decide to keep the mattress, there are no additional fees.

Does the Botanical Bliss come with a mattress warranty?

The Botanical Bliss Mattress Review – Does it Come With A Warranty? If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, the Botanical Bliss Mattress could be what you need. This is one of the best mattresses on the market today. But does it come with a warranty? Well, yes it does. You can rest assured knowing that if anything goes wrong with your mattress within the first 25 years, you will receive a replacement for free.



PlushBeds aims to make mattress shopping easy. Their goal is to help people find the perfect bed for them, whether it’s a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress, and give them peace of mind knowing that they are making good choices for themselves and the planet.

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