Did you ever ask yourself: Is everything alright with me? Am I crazy or broken? Week by week, I feel like I’m getting crushed by reality and don’t know how this will end. If I will be able to pull it through. I’m losing it, really. I don’t want pity, I don’t want your attention, I want you to think about the impact of this damn lockdown on our mental health. Are we doing it right? Overlooking mental health at it’s best. As I agree with all rules and lockdown it is saving lives, we need to prepare for the worse mental health crisis in decades.

Mental health is overlooked now, after lockdown we will dive into the scary unknown.

Look at this scenario.
Parents on furlough or unable to earn money, before lockdown they might live in poverty and this was creating enough stress, now with debts piling up, level of stress is through the roof.
Arguments or silent days, very toxic atmosphere and our loved and innocent children somewhere in the middle of it. Families argue, can’t cope with each other being constantly locked at home. Unable to cool off, often locked in the flats with no balcony, not mentioning a wee piece of garden. For some families, it will be living with their worse enemy, perpetrator, archenemy – in quarantine with no way out, to save yourself, be able to take a break – I was writing about victims of domestic abuse and COVID19 here

Feeling it, living it. This works like trauma, the brain of our children is changing, level of stress, constant flight, flight or freeze. For some, experiencing for the first time parents arguing, domestic violence, not understanding why you can’t live your life as previously, see family members, go to known places, live a happy life.

During the process of writing this post, I was watching Cracked Up The Darrell Hammond story on Netflix, the story is pretty horrific, he was literally tortured and abused by his mum since early childhood, past filled with horrors, alcohol and drug adulthood, cuts, mental breakdowns and searching for reasons of his mental state and feelings of being broken human being.

Hammond said:
“As Darrell says, ‘If you got hit by a car you wouldn’t be ashamed or if you broke your leg you wouldn’t be ashamed,’” the director continued. “But somehow if you have things you can’t explain, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, addictions you feel ashamed… I wasn’t born like that, I was hurt, I was made to be like this – This is not a mental illness, this is a MENTAL INJURY.

We live in a world where children are still living in poverty, abused and traumatized and sometimes I think that we as adults, professionals, parents not looking good enough for early signs of trauma or mental injury. We don’t have good enough screening. We have tendencies to work when damage is done. Too late.

Our balance is not ok.

The world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 per cent of the planet’s population, reveals a new report from Oxfam today ahead of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Around 70 richest billionaires own more than 2 billion op worlds population. I really have nothing against rich, at all, can they help those earning less than a dollar or two dollars a day to reduce this gap?

Can we look into this? We are not broken, we are living in a broken world where the money is everything, yet so small of the population got so little. Believe me or not, it eats me from inside. My feelings are all over the place, I would like to run away from money, live away from this rat race…in the same time I love my family my amazing work and my amazing team. Coming back to mental health, why do we worship riches overlooking our mental health?

Can we do anything about it?

Maybe I am broken, trying to understand how did we got to this point? How did we end up so divided, so disconnected from each other, how did we build this huge wall around us? We are creating a world full of dangerous roads, with no safety belts running ourselves to the wall called – Mental Injury.