I wasn’t sure if I should write about this topic in here, but I realised that It is important to talk, to share and to normalise conversations about mental health. I believe that we will face a worldwide crisis due to pandemic and lack of access to professionals, stereotypes and lack of funding towards mental health. Lets do this: Normalise and offer support.

Mental health – latest subject that we don’t talk about.

But why? I don’t watch telly so I can’t say much about Oprah interview with the Duchess od Sussex, but if we will not start addressing mental health openly, we end up unable to help next generations as we’re showing them, that we are a society without official stand on mental wellness.

I got one mind, and its quite broken, but I work with psychologist every 2 weeks, I take Flouxetine ( known as Prozac also) as my antidepressant and I fight to improve my mental health. Why shall I be ashamed of this?

Why anyone would be?

When we got broken arm or twisted ankle, we go to the doctor and we are not hiding our pain, suffering , so why would we hide mental health issues. We have one mind, one life, let’s normalise this subject. Please.

Workplaces and schools will struggle – we are not ready.

Children returning to schools, adults moving back slowly to their workplaces and economy is opening. Yet, we are still not addressing any issues regarding post lockdown mental health. I called few local mental health support charities and waiting list for counselling is sometimes 9 months long. Some other have no mental health support services available due to cuts and lack of funding. Privately access to mental wellbeing professional is not affordable for average citizen.

CAHMS is over worked and over stretched. We are doomed if we not do something about access to mental health, children suffering from anxiety, depression and uncertainty.


Happiness over targets. Change of focus.

Maybe, instead of looking into managing and catching up with education we should focus on rebuilding children’s relationships, self esteem and motivation?
Maybe, instead of looking into tests and curriculums, let’s give them support and offer them kindness, safety and love. Mindfulness and awareness could be the key. Relationships are more important than any educational score.

Lets support social workers, teachers, shop keepers, nurses (including giving them a hefty pay increase or tax exemption). We all need a bit of kindness towards each others. Can we ask our heroes of lockdown if they need any access to mental health, a friendly person to load off to and share their worries?

Real mental wellness is important – grades at this point are total baloney.

Right? We can come back to grades when we get our minds in right place.

Be kind, spread love.

Support: , CAHMS, Health in Mind.