Progression, money, happiness or something else. What would you choose?

Imagine that you could once again be seven years old, restart your life from this point.
With all your knowledge from today, with all experiences, with lived situations and lessons learned. How would you relive your life?

Today at coming back from the home visit, driving back slowly through town, where we have to pass through 3-way crossing I looked around and noticed a guy with an amazing and expensive car. He sat angrily in his car, his hands on his driving wheel paced up and down, he was swearing to himself about traffic. He seemed very unhappy and furious.

I wondered why he was like that. Maybe he was getting late for some important meeting, maybe he was just frustrated,

What if this is not important?

Myself, in an average class car, with passion in heart and totally cool approach to this slow-moving traffic, with no branded clothing on me, not really shaved, with slightly used jeans sitting there with a smile, thinking – I can’t do much about this traffic, so why get frustrated about it – decided to listen to some uplifting and motivating podcast. I chose Gary Vee and in one moment I got enlightened.

Gary was a key speaker and he was answering questions asked by the public. Someone asked him about choices – Would you pursue money for a few decades to have later rest or would you choose to be poorer but happy. He answered without hesitation – Happines over everything. A few minutes later he said something which made me smile even more.

What would you choose? Money or happiness

He said: Money is not a progression. Happiness is.

Gary spoke about career and taking part in building his trade, brand, you name it but always said that nothing is more important than happiness. He said something like: What if you had one week to live for, one day, what would matter to you? Money or your loved ones or your happiness?

This guy in the car was successful, but is he happier than I am? I thought about going back in time, and if I would change much or if I would change my life path?

Raised in an unusual family, in very strange times, communism ending and start of democracy, close to nature, in the age of VHS tapes, cassettes, renting movies and with no mobile phones for another decade. I was poor, my family was poor too, but I really feel that all my life events led me in here.

Would I turn back in time?

I’m smiling and I have this proud feeling that my mistakes, fuck ups were needed for me to learn all those lessons in life. I could be rich, but I would not be happy. I would not be keen on going back and change anything big. Maybe had few beers less here and there to avoid hangover but hell I have some stories to tell.

Happiness is in us. When we find it, we can experience it every day, we are rejecting worries which we can’t overcome and live each day to it’s fullest. Wanted to get out of my car and talk to this angry guy in this expensive car. I don’t really mind riches, people who got lots of money. I would be hypocrite saying that money doesn’t bother me, I do like have a safe saving pillow to feel less anxious but I would not pick money over my loved ones, health or happiness. Do you need proof? Check this post here

Money or happiness

I really feel the love of writing, but I don’t want to get anxious over posting 3 times a week, setting any big goals is not beneficial for my mental health, the same with anything which might cause anxiety. I love the idea of the hustle and see great value in Gary Vee’s words, but if the philosophy of hustle taking your happiness away, leave it, Gary would say the same.

Mental health is worth more than all money in this world, one luxury car and your anger in the traffic.

I might judge this driver to quickly, I have no clue on why he would be so angry, maybe he had a bad day, I don’t know but one way or another he inspired me to write this and discover another piece of happiness in myself. To know that I also am in a place in life, where my depression, anxiety, recent autism diagnosis, divorce, other, maybe less fortunate issues and struggles I know what is important to me.

Money is not a progression. Happiness is. – Gary Vee

Thanks pal.