The world is changing, our society is facing the biggest challenge since World War II and we might feel totally helpless and unprepared for it. The virus is spreading quickly, my anxiety is high, I’m literally shaking inside, my breath is fast and I feel like I have been drowning, out of breath, cannot fall asleep and my mind is projecting more and more scary scenarios. It’s tough. Without it I have a high level of anxiety and severe depression.

Few days before this shit got serious across Europe I did some preparation shopping, as now you can’t buy almost anything in the shops. Pasta, rice, bread mix, flour, yeasts for baking, lots of frozen and dry stock is gone from the shops. We got some protective masks with filters, some disposable overalls and got the tank full of petrol. I am ready, but I don’t really know what for?

Today I am sitting at home as I took the last day of AL before new tax year, done some shopping, met with my psychiatric nurse, got antidepressants, talk about fears and stuff. Tomorrow I’m back to work, got some meetings, Child Planning Meeting and I’m scared. Well, I’m not really, but my head is screaming inside. This is above me and I know that many people with anxiety and depression feel the same way, this makes me really sad.

Remember, some time ago I wrote a post about my shift from consumption orientated to a more minimalistic approach to life. Check this blog post here.
I became more present, more connected with myself, started to do yoga and I’m spending more time with my loved ones and within our nature. I really got connected to nature and yes, we face a huge crisis but we should care about lives and health much more about the economy or their own needs.

A situation from Starbucks:
Salesperson: Good morning sir, how is your Monday?
Customer: Bloody Poles, they shut their borders, I had booked the weekend away at Gdansk, I was looking forward to it and now they ruined it.
Salesperson– Well actually I’m Polish, I’m here with you, serving you coffee and your remarks are pretty racist, but anyway.
I think their government is trying to protect their citizens, as our should us, no?
Customer: Well, but it was my weekend, my hotel and flights paid for…it’s crap. I was looking forward to it (with a huff)
Salesperson: Maybe you should think of coming back to your plans when situation will be better for all of us, people will be safer and happier…

Another situation: Lady buying coffee commenting on Coronavirus situation.
– I don’t understand what’s happening, this situation with coronavirus is ridiculous, I don’t understand why I can’t just do my regular shopping, as usual, to buy all my fresh produce every day and don’t buy this frozen shit.

Seriously? People, please have some empathy and be kind to each other.

I think some people need to wake the fuck up. I lived in communism and these troubles are no new to me. We had food shortages, nothing in the shops and no internet back in the ’80s as today. We can keep in touch without going out of our house.
If I will survive this madness I have a goal. Move even closer to nature, be present, leave the city, grow my own fruit and veg, walk through forests, hug trees and be kind to other beings.

People are worried about the economy, well it’s important as it will lead us to the economic crisis, but we should focus on saving lives not stock markets, shopping or our wallets. I don’t have much, but if it comes to sharing thinks I will share my last piece of bread or grain of rice with my neighbour or person in need.
And yes, we can lose our jobs, companies, we can experience homelessness but you know what? I prefer to be poor and alive, build up future on our strengths and experience than simply…be dead.

My immune system is prone to catching any kind of sickness but I will not leave people in need, this is a test for humanity, a test of mankind. Will we pass it?
What’re your thoughts?