Coronavirus pandemic is showing us that our world is not ready for it and that we are living in a world where everything is totally fucked. Where poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer. Where the system is failing, our planet is dying and everything that we know is totally wrong. Let me explain it to you.

Coronavirus exposed us and our world. Money, riches, democracy, imperialism, consumption of goods, new iPhone, new clothes, cars, new celebrities in the new tv shows. Sell sell, sell, only this matters.

Pandemic is showing us what’s wrong in today’ world. When people are dying, when mighty Donald Trump, Pierce Morgan or other well-know people are able to just accept what scientists are telling us all. Covid19 doesn’t care about your wealth, about your followers on Instagram or your politic views or any opinion. Big words of the presidents, prime ministers, rich and famous mean nothing. The virus doesn’t care.

People and their net worth.

Coronavirus is here, as humankind today we appreciate work of nurses, doctors, shop keepers risking their lives so we can shop, buy our groceries standing from each other 2 meters away. Teachers, lorry drivers, bin collection people, support workers. We are clapping for our NHS nurses, doctors but we never fought hard enough to get them a rise, appreciate them in days before this pandemic.

What’s wrong with us, as a society we are cheering footballers, worship actors, tv stars, so-called celebrities making idiots from themselves getting paid in millions. I really don’t care about money, I am happy when others getting paid good money, this is not an issue, as long doctors, nurses, shop workers, teachers are equally appreciated and paid well enough to live a decent life, without them we are really fucked. Yet we are not able to see how crazy it is.

Killing our planet, focusing on gossips, dreaming to be rich, making millions. Footballers are paid millions, nurses and teachers peanuts. Six pack is more desirable than a healthy relationship with family, friends or good enough mental health.

No millionaires can flash their dollars on coronavirus, no celebrity can flash their boob to be safe. This is showing us how sad and ridiculous is today’s world. Example:  According to the Social Security Administration, the average American man with a bachelor’s degree will earn about $2.2 million in his lifetime. Bezos makes that in just under 15 minutes – Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, so rich that he could buy every homeless person in the US a flat and yet, he would have third of his net worth left.
This would resolve many problems, but no, just think what we could do to support the safety of our planet, to offer better pay for nurses, front staff, to look after the land and people living around us.

Economy? Laughable.

We experienced the first month of lockdown, 4 weeks and we are totally lost. As a society we have no savings, money is simply worth nothing in the face of the pandemic. Our economy is crashing, people bulk buy and fight for loo roll. This is madness. People are running out of food, poor people getting even poorer, with no money, no real help.
Celebrities starving for attention, coronavirus is taking over, no one is safe.

Our way of living is totally wrong. Worth nothing in terms of values which we represent and live by. With no imagination, no real future, hoping to be saved by the almighty dollar or pound. We live our lives in a wrong way, it might sound strange but this is the truth, we are just wasting our time here. We are taking our world as a joke, not worrying about everything enough, as future generations will sort this out miraculously.

We created problems, we created capitalism, we created conspiracy theories, we are worshipping footballers, building shopping centres, wearing expensive brands and being jealous about other people.

COVID19 showed us that we are totally lost in our own way of living, we created a monster and this monster took over our everyday lives, we tend to feed it, not worrying about our planet and our own mental health. We deserve to get extinct living this way. Let’s change our ways, let’s live closet to nature, lets quit worshipping rich and making stupid people famous.

We got a van, we plan to turn it into a camper and get even closer to nature. Let’s reconnect and rewire our brains to be less compulsive, more into being able to lead a simple life. Would you prefer to watch another celebrity show, take part in this rat race and hall of fame despite our world collapsing or you are willing to change the way of living and adjust to the new world order of simplicity and saving our planet?

Your choice.