About Me

Niko Sadlowski – The Apparently.com

Born in 1981 in Poland. Raised by deaf parents in a small town in the north of Poland, with troubled past and rebellious teenage years. 

Niko Sadlowski – father of three children, partner, blogger, raised by deaf parents. After publishing this book in Poland, he became a regular speaker at conferences about autism exploring the subject.
Niko writes  about mindfulness, autism, co-parenting and depression.

Niko works as a Father and Child Wellbeing Worker for Scottish charity Children 1st. 
Qualified in subjects of:

  • Identifying domestic abuse and supporting victims of domestic abuse
  • Understanding neglect and identifying the neglect
  • FASD
  • Identifying risk and understanding children on the spectrum
  • Video Interaction Guidance
  • Training Facilitator of Raising Children with Confidence
  • Restorative and Relational Practice 
  • Trauma-Informed Practice 

Moved to London in 2005

Moved to Edinburgh in 2013

Finished Edinburgh College – Early Education and Childcare as Student of The Year and Highly Commended Award by SQA.

Worked with adults on Autism Spectrum, Special Schools, mainstream nurseries and Early Years Centres in Edinburgh. 

Author of a book The A Word

Father of autistic Maks and neurotypical daughter Livia. Co-parent, blogger and tattoo lover.

From 2017 fighting with severe depression and anxiety. 

Writing about the everyday life of a father, autism, lifestyle, mental health and anything which comes to my mind. 


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