Last week UK went to the polling stations. I don’t really get involved in politics, but somehow I can’t just say nothing about recent remarks of some politicians from both sides. I don’t get angry about it, I don’t watch the news, I don’t really care about lies and promises of people in Westminster. But when politicians talk about me, I believe that I have the right to respond.

Those are my views in the form of a letter to some political leaders. My opinion, my feelings, my thoughts. You don’t have to agree to it. This is not a science. You can have your opinion.

Dear Boris Johnson,

I am writing you this letter as I need to share with you my thoughts about your words and your actions regarding people who come over to the UK, looking for a new life. I am one of those people.

I came here on the 14th of January 2005, as a young man with not much of education and not much of English. As far I remember London offered many jobs in various sectors, as locals didn’t want to work for a minimal wage, I did not mind. Back then my hourly pay was 5.15 and I did not complain.

I was an unskilled worker who learned how to cook, who paid taxes from day one, who also had ambitions.
Life wasn’t easy, we lived with friends, renting rooms from other foreigners, worked hard and contribute to society and tax man.

From time to time someone on the street or at work insulted me, calling me a “Polish cunt”, asked to “Get the fuck away to your country “or just politely asked ” To go Home”

I’m in UK 15 years, never been out of job for longer than a month and this was my own choice, never got any money from JobCentre as I was reluctant to use your supporting system and getting on the doll, it was just not worth it, hassle and looks from people in Job Centres were quite self-explanatory. I walked once to ask what I am entitled to, but I left after a few minutes.I was back then low skilled, worked my way up from being a kitchen porter to kitchen manager in just 3 years. I left soon after to run a food business with a friend. I was making money, paying taxes, got married and my children were born.

Somehow I felt year by year more unwanted here. Probably to Tories propaganda about us, migrants stealing jobs from locals. Which wasn’t true at all. Dear Prime Minister, can you tell me how the hell person without language, connections, education, family and position can be accused of stealing jobs from locals? Damn, what a nonsense.

I became unhappy living in the city of London, racists behaviours grew and I felt that it’s time to move somewhere more friendly and less crowded.
Our family decided to move up north, to Edinburgh. I have been told once, before we moved, that people up north are much more friendly and open. That’s true, you should visit more often and learn ways of the Scots.

Best Regards
Not your’s any more.
Citizen of Scotland. 


Scotland welcomed me with open arms, soon I realised that I have an opportunity to educate myself and change my life. Scotland allowed me to return to education and chase my dreams from times of high school. I went here to college and graduated from Early Education and Childcare. I wanted to support vulnerable children and families in Scotland. I got awarded by SQA and Edinburgh College and named Student of the Year in 2014.

For the past 5 years I worked in Special Schools, Early Years Centre’s, mainstream nurseries and with vulnerable adults too. Over two years ago I got offered a position in one of the leading in Scotland 3d sector organisation. I love my work with all of my heart. Every day, I feel the privilege to be here and to be able to support others. In less than a month will mark 15 years since I arrived in the UK.
I could apply for citizenship and get a British Passport ages ago, but I don’t want to, do you know why Boris?

I don’t want to apply for a British Passport as I believe in my heart that soon we will have independent Scotland and I will realise my dream of Scottish nationality and passport for me and my children. I know that before you Boris, we had Theresa, David, Gordon and Tony, but somehow you’re the one who’s making alongside with being a kind of a clown, making all people who have contributed to British society less valued.

Maybe Tories should talk more often to Nicola Sturgeon, she is nice to people.


Boris said that “over the last couple of decades or more… we’ve seen quite a large numbers of people coming in from the whole of the EU […] able to treat the UK basically as though it’s part of their own country. “And the problem with that is that there’s basically been no control at all. And I don’t think that is democratically accountable. Low-skilled migrants will face sweeping new restrictions on moving to Britain, “


Can I remind you of British citizens living around the world, in countries like Spain where they do not really bother about learning the local language and no one is judging them as you judging us pal? I think that you have a kind of double standards. I was low skilled, now I am a well-educated specialist, who contribute to society.

Can you tell me if you are willing to pay European High Skilled workers extra money to make it up to the country who educated them but is not using them- before taking them to work in the UK?



Dear Nicola Sturgeon

I would like to send you warm regards, I really feel welcome here and I feel safe knowing that leaders of Scotland see us, as their own, with no racist’s remarks of Nigel and fear propaganda from Boris and many before him.

I would love to live in an independent Scotland, I believe that we have a chance to make history and I would be more than happy to contribute to this amazing country and people here. Scotland is our homeland. My children love it here, my disabled son is happy at his special school, my daughter is attending a school of her choice – Gaelic Primary School.

I have a plan to live my amazingly happy life here, I am almost 40 and I will, with pleasure, give My Scotland another 40 years.

Thank you Nicola.



All hard-working people who came here don’t need your propaganda of hate. The world is changing, that’s true, many people in UK abuse this system, but I think you should look much more into it before you will throw accusations about immigrants stealing benefits.


“Nicola Sturgeon tells EU citizens in Scotland: ‘You are welcome here’ “


Thank you Scotland, I am here to stay, like my children. We love you Scotland.
Boris, sorry mate, you’re making England look like a country of hate and injustice, you should be ashamed of your rhetoric.

Nicola – thank you, thank you Scotts.

Honest citizen and taxpayer.